Since its doors were first opened in 1929, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) has taken pride in the quality of its education programs and the successes of its graduates. A PIA education emphasizes hands-on learning. Qualified faculty members strive to present thorough and thoughtful instruction as they blend their practical experiences with new information and techniques. Of equal importance is the list of student services that are provided from the first day of instruction through, and beyond, graduation.

PIA’s main campus offers Associate of Specialized Technology (AST) degree programs in Aviation Technology. The branch campuses also offer a diploma or certificate program in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

We welcome the opportunity to serve the academic needs of both traditional and non-traditional students, and we invite you to contact our staff with any questions you may encounter as you explore our educational offerings.


PIA is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status, and is governed by a Board of Directors. The President and CEO is Suzanne Markle. Below outlines the organizational structure of PIA’s Administration as well as a full listing of PIA’s Board of Directors.

PIA Organizational Chart

Suzanne Markle is a resident and CEO of PIA.


PIA is committed to the pursuit of higher education that is both meaningful to the individual and valuable to society. The Institute believes that it serves the dual functions of providing its learners with opportunities while furnishing the community with its most valuable resources, skilled men and women who possess the willingness to learn and the propensity to mature as contributing members of society.

To accomplish its objectives, PIA believes that school programs must:

  1. develop specific career-related skills,
  2. broaden abilities in essential academic areas, and
  3. form attitudinal traits compatible with career goals.

In order to be effective, these studies must be dispensed through an appropriate collection of instructional techniques, each designed to best achieve its specific objective(s). In reaching these goals, PIA accomplishes its purpose as a provider of career opportunities and fulfills its role as an institution of higher learning.

Equipment Donations

To further support PIA’s mission, you or your company may assist PIA in training skilled workers by making monetary or physical asset donations to the institution. Many organizations within the industries for which we are training the future workforce (aviation, electrical and transportation) may have excess or below specification equipment that would be ideal for training purposes. Donations to PIA come in all different shapes and sizes! If you are particularly interested in donating training equipment to PIA, please contact Bernard Adams at 1-800-444-1440 or to initiate the physical asset donation assessment process..

As a non-profit organization maintaining an IRS 501 (c )(3) designation, the value of monetary contributions and donated assets are usually tax deductible for the donor. To learn about the benefits of donating to a 501 (c )(3) organization, please refer to the IRS’ Charitable Contributions Publication 526 at