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PIA Admissions

PIA employs a helpful staff to guide you through each step of the admissions process. Feel free to contact us any time you need information about our aviation and AST degree programs. We are also available to answer your questions regarding class start dates, schedules, student housing, and entrance requirements.

PIA strives to offer the best aviation and technical training in the country, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the education you receive and the career opportunities that are available to you. Therefore, we do not pressure our prospective students in making their enrollment decision. We simply provide the facts and advantages of a PIA education, and let you and your family decide what’s best for you.

Admissions department hours are generally Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, if there is a more convenient time for you to speak with us or tour our facility, we will be happy to accommodate your schedule.

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Who Can Enroll

The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) admits students of any race, color, age, sex, ancestry, religion, national ethnic origin to all the rights, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. PIA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability in the administration of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs and other school-administered programs.

High School Students

Deciding what to do after graduation can be a challenge. Between schoolwork, after-school activities, and work filling up most of the day, the last year of school is a whirlwind. On top of all that, add the pressure of choosing a career, and it all becomes overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be:  PIA can help with that.

PIA allows you to apply before graduation, before receiving your SAT or ACT scores. In fact, you do not need either test to attend PIA. All you need to do is apply with the expectation that you will graduate high school or receive your GED.

That’s it. Sounds good, right?

If any of this interests you, talk to your guidance counselor and ask them about PIA. Schedule a tour and come check out the school. Our admissions staff will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Adult Students

At PIA, we have students joining our program from every stage of life: from teenagers right out of high school, to young men and women fresh from military service, to adults who aren’t happy with their current career path or who simply want a new challenge.

There is no such thing as a “traditional student” at PIA.

For some, going back to school can be challenging, particularly the academic subjects, simply because it has been awhile since they had to learn from a book, or sit through a classroom lecture. The instructors realize this, and they go above and beyond to make the learning useful and to teach in ways that appeal to hands-on learners.

For others, the change from working full-time to being a student full-time can be tricky – both mentally and financially. For those individuals, PIA provides financial assistance where possible, and our Financial Aid office is willing and able to answer any questions you might have.

Adult Student

Transfer Students

There is a tremendous pressure in our society for students to pursue the traditional academic route after high school, despite the fact that not everyone learns well in that environment or wants to spend the rest of their  life in an office.

So, students try college, try sitting for hours on end in a classroom, try doing seemingly endless piles of homework, until, eventually, some discover that academia is not for them. At this point, many students panic: if not conventional college, what can they do? If this sounds like you, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Unlike a traditional college, PIA provides an interactive, hands-on learning environment.

At PIA, students spend little time sitting at a desk, and they put everything they learn into practice. The instructors take their years of mechanical and electrical experience and translate it in a way that their students understand and enjoy.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program

Credit for Comparable Education and Training

At the school’s discretion, credit may be granted for comparable education and training. This credit may be based on approved coursework from other recognized schools or training facilities (when course descriptions match closely), or from the results of evaluation tests (when the course descriptions do not match closely enough). These examinations may be written, practical, or a combination of both, depending on the area being evaluated.

Credit for Examinations

PIA recognizes C.L.E.P., D.A.N.T.E.S. and Excelsior examinations for credit toward selected general education courses.


Under the PLA program, the Director of Education reviews each transcript(s) and/or exam result(s) to assign the appropriate credit. The transfer student is responsible for furnishing all required training documentation, test scores, and/or transcripts to the school for evaluation.

Regardless of the amount of credit awarded for previous education and training, a minimum of 25% must be completed in-residence in order to receive an Associates in Specialized Technology Degree or diploma/certificate from PIA.

For more information on the PLA program at PIA, please contact the Admissions Office.


Our programs will put you on the fast-track to obtaining the FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certification or FCC General Radiotelephone Operator’s License1 in 16-21 months. PIA’s Aviation Maintenance (AMT) and Aviation Electronics (AET)1 programs offer efficient, career-oriented education for veterans seeking the necessary certifications and skills to transition to the civilian workforce.

Our Career Services Department provides one-on-one placement assistance, resume workshops, mock interviews and more. We actively assist all students and alumni in pursuing their professional goals.

96% Veteran Graduate Employment2

1The Aviation Electronics Technology Program is only available at PIA’s Pittsburgh Campus.
2Veteran employment percentage of 96% is based on 26 veteran graduates eligible for employment and securing employment in the aviation or related industries from all PIA campuses between July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

Veteran student

Approved for VA Benefits

PIA Campuses are approved to receive the following VA Education Benefits:

  • Chapter 30
  • Chapter 31
  • Chapter 33
  • Chapter 35
  • Chapter 1606
  • Chapter 1607

Veteran FAQ

  • About 18% of PIA’s students are veterans.
  • PIA was named as one of G.I. Job Magazine’s  “2019-20 Military-Friendly Schools”.
  • A significant number of PIA’s faculty and staff have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • PIA may grant credit based on results of evaluation tests administered to those who have relevant military experience. See Transfer Students for additional information on credit transfers.
  • In accordance with the “VA Principles of Excellence”, PIA reviews a “Shopping Sheet” with each veteran. (Form must be opened with Adobe  Reader for monetary information to show as it includes built in calculators.)

For more information on programs or to schedule a visit, contact our Admissions Department at 1-800-444-1440.

For specific questions regarding the use of your VA Education Benefits, contact Jacob Holt, our VA Certifying Official, at 412-346-2108 or

International Students

Students across the globe have chosen Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics for their education. PIA’s focus on technology and aviation training allows individuals to pursue a technical education in industries offering opportunities for advancement and further education.

PIA is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students into all PIA campuses. Please review the next section in detail to learn more about how to become a PIA student.

Important Information before Applying

PIA’s current visa certificate eligibility is for F-1 Visa’s at the Pittsburgh – Main Campus ONLY and M-1 Visa’s for each of our branch campuses.  Helpful information about these visa can be located here.

In order to obtain a student Visa you will be required to provide the following documents:

  • PIA Admissions Application.
  • Official copy of your High School Diploma, Transcript, or Matriculation.  An evaluation (and if the document is not in the English language, a translation) must be completed from any of the companies at this website:
  • Proof of English competency from education transcripts or completion of a TOEFL or IELTS if English is not your primary language.*
  • Proof of funds for cost of attendance and housing/living expenses for the entire first year of your program ($35,000) and provide proof of being able to secure funds for the remainder.
  • Copy of passport ID.
  • $150.00 Registration Fee (Required after application review to receive I-20).

*Acceptable TOEFL and IELTS scores can be found in the Foreign Student Information section of any campus Handbook/Catalog.

For detailed cost information (excluding living expenses) please refer to the Tuition section for the campus you are researching. Tuition and fees are the same for In-state, Out-of-state, and International Students.

Students requiring evaluations of their high school diploma, transcript, or matriculation documents may use any NACES member they like to conduct their evaluation.  PIA has worked directly with NACES member SpanTran to offer a simple evaluation tool, accessible here.

Helpful Tools


All students admitted to PIA must have a high school or GED diploma. Applicants must also take a Math Skills Assessment (MSA) prior to enrolling. The purpose of this examination is to gauge the math skills level of the applicant so that any deficiencies can be addressed.

Application and Admissions Procedures

Applicants for admission to PIA’s School of Specialized Technology are required to visit the school for a personal interview and a tour of the school’s facilities prior to beginning classes. The tour and personal interview are conducted by a qualified Admissions Representative and are intended to give the prospective student an understanding of the following:

  • AMT and AET Programs
  • Instruction Methods
  • PIA’s Learning Environment
  • Program Goals and Outcomes
  • Admission Policies
  • Program Availability
  • Academic Assistance
  • Graduate Placement Statistics

Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, so that they can make informed decisions concerning the career fields presented, costs, and methods of payment.

Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions

Due to strict industry regulations pertaining to criminal convictions, the school reserves the right to reevaluate a student for admission to the program if he/she has disclosed the presence of a criminal background on the enrollment agreement. In such instances, a meeting with the student will be held by the School Director or Director of Compliance and Career Services to determine if such a background would prevent or seriously hinder the student from benefiting from the educational programs offered by the school.

If an applicant pays the registration fee, but is not accepted into the program selected, the registration fee will be refunded in its entirety.

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics has established the policy that each qualified individual shall have equal opportunity in education, employment and services at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics.

In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1988 (WIA) and other state and federal laws, no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in employment, any educational program, recruiting and admitting students, awarding financial aid, awarding scholarships, recruiting and hiring faculty and staff, or in operating any of its programs and activities, on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, ancestry, family status, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or on any other basis protected by federal and/or state law.

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics does not discriminate on any prohibited ground, to: registrants, applicants, eligible applicants/recipients, participants, applicants for employment, employees or members of the public, including those with impaired vision or hearing, and unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with recipients.  Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies:  Jason Mongan, Director of Compliance and Career Services, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, PO Box 10897, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Phone: 412-346-2100 Email:

For the Parents

Join your child for the campus tour.
Believe it or not, your son or daughter cares about your opinion when it comes to choosing a school. Touring PIA’s facility allows you to see the atmosphere in which they will be learning. Being part of the Admissions tour also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have prior to supporting your son or daughter’s enrollment at PIA.

Be ready for your appointment with Financial Aid (for those who qualify).
If your son or daughter is classified as a Dependent Student, you will be required to provide certain information regarding your family’s financial status, such as a federal tax return. Prior to the appointment, your PIA Admissions representative will tell you which documents are required. Having all requested paperwork ready at the time of your appointment will help speed up the Financial Aid process. You will also be asked to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online. For more information, go to the Financial Aid section of the website or call 1-800-444-1440 and a PIA Financial Aid representative will be happy to speak with you

Choosing PIA means that your child has committed to a full day of classes, Monday through Friday. Often, he or she may have studying to do, and homework, as well. If your son or daughter is also working a part-time job while attending school, it can be difficult to fit everything in!

If, however, your child begins to struggle academically, encourage him or her to speak to the relevant instructor(s). Instructors are available before and after school hours, as well as during breaks, to provide extra help to students and answer any questions they might have, as often as needed.

Or if your son or daughter begins to struggle personally, PIA provides access to a counseling service that is free to all students: Washington EAP Services. To discover the resources available, all you or your child needs to do is contact the service directly by calling 1-800-EAP-LINK (1-800-327-5465) or visit their website. These services are available at every branch of PIA.

Don’t worry too much, though; for years PIA students have consistently been able to handle their school, home, and work responsibilities over the course of their training. Students tend to adjust quickly to their new, busy schedules. In fact, we have found that having a full schedule is good preparation for their entry into the workforce after graduation.

  • Communicate – Sometimes new college students forget to call home, so don’t worry too much if you go a few days without hearing from your son or daughter. In the beginning, you might need to take the initiative and check in frequently with your child to find out how things are going. Students also love to receive to cards, letters, and care packages if your child is far from home. (Especially care packages: there’s nothing college students love more than free food.)
  • Listen – When your child discusses experiences as a new student with you, it’s important that you are listening. Students are seeking your understanding and support, and they need to know that, even though they’re far from home, you still want to know how and what they’re doing. Sometimes, they are seeking nothing more than a sympathetic ear, but there will be other times when they need advice from the wisest person they know: you. Because of this, it’s also important that you are knowledgeable about PIA so that you can answer questions and encourage your child to use the resources available to them at the school.
  • Get involved, if necessary – If you’re concerned about how well your son or daughter will progress academically at PIA, talk to your Admissions representative about this at the time of enrollment. When your child enrolls at PIA (or afterward upon request), he or she can give the school written permission for a parent to inquire about academic progress and attendance. This written permission is necessary due to the regulations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Sometimes, all a student needs to succeed is to have someone hold him or her accountable, and, most of the time, the best person to do that is you.
  • Talk about finances – One of the major issues college students and their families face is financial difficulty. The debt that often comes with postsecondary education is expected, but it’s important that new students are aware of the potential dangers of debt. Many students are not given any education in finances while in high school, so some of this practical education may fall to you. One easy way to help your child remain out of debt as much as possible is by discussing with them the responsible use of credit cards. You may wish to give them a card with a low limit or a credit gift card that limits spending, which are available through some banks and credit card companies.  Finally, if there are questions your child has about their financial situation at PIA and you are unsure of the answer, feel free to contact our Financial Aid office or have your son or daughter stop by during the school day. They will be happy to assist you however they can.

Campus Quick Facts & Contacts

PIA Pittsburgh PA Campus


Start Dates:
October 6, 2022
January 6, 2023
April 3, 2023
July 12, 2023


PIA Hagerstown MD Campus


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August 31, 2022
January 3, 2023
April 27, 2023
August 30, 2023


PIA Myrtle Beach SC Campus

Myrtle Beach

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September 19, 2022
January 18, 2023
May 8, 2023
September 18, 2023


PIA Youngstown OH Campus


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August 31, 2022
January 3, 2023
April 27, 2023
August 30, 2023