AET Student Featured in ‘the almanac’

Giovanni Orsini, an AET student at PIA, was recently featured as one part of the musical duo Fortune Teller in the South Hills community news source, The Almanac.  The piece, written by Harry Funk, discussed Orsini and bandmate J.J. Young’s musical endeavors.  The two have worked on a number of projects together, and were featured on WYEP’s CD and played at their summer musical festival in 2016 as The Incandescents.

Orsini joined the PIA family in 2016, and is scheduled to graduate in June of 2018.  With two part time jobs, a full schedule at PIA, two bands and his own solo projects, his schedule is packed to the brim with his passions.  As a high school student, he was unsure of the route he wanted to take after graduation.  While he considered a four year college, he ultimately decided on PIA when discussing the school with his uncle, who attended here in the 80’s and went on to work at Delta.

Originally enrolling with the intentions of completing the dual ticket program at Pittsburgh, Orsini benefited from the electronics classes in his initial quarters and decided to pursue AET exclusively.  That decision worked in his favor, as he found his passion for music and the education in electronics directly related.

“My guitar amp is from the 80’s, and the radio systems we work on are exactly the same.  Actually, the radio is more complicated than my amp.  [I was learning] something in class and found that it directly related to the stuff I was working with.”

As Giovanni plans for graduation, he is excited that his education here has opened up so many opportunities for his future.  Whether he pursues music or aviation, he finds himself answering the question ‘What do you want to do?’ rather than merely stating what aviation company he wants to work for.    “[Electronics] is much more open ended.”

Read the full article on Fortune Tellers here.

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