AMC 2019: Day 1

AMC 2019: Day 1

The first day of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition is complete!  Teams from all four campuses have been testing their skills against one another to achieve the fastest time in each event.

Gary Dyer, a 2nd semester student from PIA Youngstown, sponsored by Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, weighed in on his first day at the competition.  “It was fun and challenging,” says Dyer.  “The PDU (pneumatic drive unit) event by Fed Ex was the hardest.  We did a good job – the judge said we were really professional and even though we didn’t finish, we did well.”

Dyer had previously worked on jet engines in the Air Force, but his time at PIA has given him a wider range of experiences.  “I never worked on reciprocating engines before.” Speaking on the opportunity to attend the AMC, he says, “If you are on the fence about doing something like this, the experience alone gives you an idea of what it’s going to be like in the industry.  That’s the most beneficial thing about it.”

With the support of Piedmont Airlines, Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, and PIA’s other sponsors, students are enjoying this unique experience to show off their talents, learn new skills, and network with aviation companies they haven’t had the opportunity to meet before.

Sam Dubel, a 5th quarter student at PIA Pittsburgh, was unaware that an event like the AMC occurred until he first heard about it at school.  “I didn’t know they had a big MRO show connected with the competition.  It’s been cool to meet teams from other campuses and get to know them.”  Dubel is most looking forward to the networking opportunities.  “It’s been a great experience overall, and a great trip with my classmates.”

Be sure to follow the teams as they get ready for an evening with sponsor Piedmont Airlines! Follow us on Facebook, and watch all the action on the AMC live stream!


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