AMC 2019: PIA Myrtle Beach

AMC 2019: PIA Myrtle Beach

PIA is excited to announce the team members from the Myrtle Beach Campus that are competing in this years AMC.  PIA Myrtle Beach has sent team members to the AMC for the last four years, with students from last years teams earning the fastest time in the Pitot Static Testing Event.

Greg Davis and Mike Basara will serve as the teams coaches as the prepare for the events held in April.  Team PIA Myrtle is sponsored by: Piedmont Airlines, Standard Aero, Pike McFarland Hall (PMH), South Atlantic Bank, SC Works, Charlie Stuart State Farm, and Dunhill Staffing.  Thank you to all the sponsors for your support!

Be sure to follow PIA AMC Teams on Facebook to watch the teams in action as they travel down to Atlanta!

Team Myrtle Beach:

Thomas Shellhorn

Carson Romanelli

Rob Smith

Sam Spain

Alan Woodbury

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