Youngstown December 2018 Graduation

PIA Youngstown would like to congratulate the December 2018 graduating class after the completion of their Aviation Maintenance Technology program.  The ceremony, held Friday, December 21st, celebrated the 21 graduates and their achievements.  Lanny Kenline was named Valedictorian of the class, and Brian Gaul was named Salutatorian.  In addition, […]


James ‘Jim’ Strock 1952-2018

James ‘Jim’ Strock, instructor at PIA Youngstown, passed away on November 22nd, 2018.  Mr. Strock inspired future generations of aviation technicians for 6 years at the campus.  A lifelong love of aviation began after earning his pilot’s license at 16 and continued throughout his lifetime.  His memory and the […]


PIA Youngstown featured in The Vindicator

PIA Youngstown was featured in an article published by The Vindicator, highlighting the in-demand career that PIA prepares students for.  The article, written by Jordyn Grzelewski, offered insight from a current student, an alumnus, and Campus Director Joseph DeRamo.  Grzelewski states that “Students…are graduating from a school with a […]


Youngstown Career Event

PIA Youngstown held a Career Event on Wednesday, October 17th.  The campus hosted 11 companies, all of whom have hired PIA graduates in the past.  Thirty-seven students from 3rd and 4th semesters had the opportunity to meet with employers and discuss career prospects.
Students supplied faculty and staff with positive […]


Youngstown August 2018 Graduation

PIA Youngstown would like to congratulate the August 2018 graduating class.  The graduation ceremony, held Friday, August 17th, celebrated the students who completed their 16-month education in Aviation Maintenance Technology.  Philip Morgan was named Valedictorian of the class, and  Zachary Wirebaugh was named Salutatorian.   Caitlin Betz, Philip Morgan, Zachary […]


Youngstown Graduation – Class of April 2018

PIA Youngstown is proud to announce the April 2018 graduating class.  The graduation ceremony, held Tuesday, April 24th, honored the hard work and dedication of the students.  Michael Beiler was named Valedictorian of the class, and Craig Crosswhite was named Saulatorian.  In addition, Donald Armstrong, Michael Beiler, Craig Crosswhite, […]


Youngstown Graduation – Class of December 2017

The Youngstown Campus is proud to announce the graduation of 24 students (not all pictured) on December 22, 2017. Jacob Wysong and Seth Ague (not pictured) were honored as the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively. In addition, Mr. Wysong was honored with the prestigious Perfect Attendance Award.
While many graduates […]


Youngstown PIA Blood Drive

With blood donations urgently needed this winter, PIA-Youngstown students donated the “Gift of Life.”  In conjunction with American Red Cross, over 25 students donated blood on January 11th.
Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who helped make this a successful event.


Ribbon Cutting at PIA Youngstown Campus

Last Wednesday’s expansion celebration in Youngstown was a great success! The ceremony opened up with Campus Director Joe DeRamo expressing his appreciation to the local community, government and Western Reserve Port Authority for all the support received to make the expansion happen.
President and CEO, Suzanne Markle, began by recognizing […]