Changing the Status Quo

For years, PIA graduates, of both the aviation maintenance and the aviation electronics programs, wore business attire during their graduation ceremony.

PIA’s leadership thought it was time for a change.

“The graduation commencement ceremony is a celebration of a graduate’s hard work, passion, and commitment to their future,” said Jason Mongan, PIA’s Executive Director for Academic and Student Affairs. “The ceremony also celebrates a graduate’s support system, allowing each family member, friend, coworker, faculty member, staff member, and mentor to join in the recognition of the graduate’s accomplishments. A ceremony of this level deserves to be recognized with pride, purpose, and professionalism. Caps and gowns are a small, but significant, way to ensure all graduates stand out for the recognition they deserve, while also viewing one another as equals who have conquered yet another life milestone together, as friends and as part of the PIA legacy.”

Graduation caps and gowns symbolize recognition and achievement. For PIA graduates, their caps and gowns reflect the pride they have in their training, the purpose they hold for their futures, and the prestige they carry into their aviation careers.

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