Conway High School AVID visits Myrtle Beach Campus


Conway High School AVID visits Myrtle Beach Campus

Students from Conway High School visited PIA Myrtle Beach on Thursday, May 17th, as part of an elective program at the school known as AVID.

The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program has been offered at Conway High School for 9 years.  The program focuses on teaching skills and behaviors to students to assist them in their academic pursuits.  Conway High School’s AVID program seeks to provide students with high levels of college readiness.  That positive culture has resulted in more than 90% of students from three AVID graduating classes pursuing four year education, technical education, or serving in the military.

PIA is honored to connect with local schools and organizations to encourage college exploration among high school students.  We would like to thank Conway High School AVID for visiting!


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