Fall Class Start Postponed for Myrtle Beach Campus


Fall Class Start Postponed for Myrtle Beach Campus

After careful consideration by faculty and staff at PIA, it has been determined that fall classes at the Myrtle Beach Campus will begin on Monday, September 24th.  This decision was reached after much thought and care regarding the well being of students and faculty.  This delay will provide students with additional time to return to the area and position themselves within an accessible route to the school.

We ask that the PIA community reach out to one another if they are in need of a room, or have an available room for their classmates.  Upon returning to the area, it is advised that you refuel your car often and consider bringing groceries with you, as many stores are running low.

This delay in class start will alter the existing four-day schedule, and details of the changes will be provided shortly.  Please stay safe as you return to the area, and reach out to PIA with any questions you may have.


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