Former Valedictorian Shares Passion For Aviation

Ricky Lewis, Valedictorian of PIA Myrtle Beach’s first graduating class, shared his passion for aviation with his current employer, Pratt & Whitney.  The piece was featured on their homepage and echoes the importance of a mechanics role in the industry.

“Aviation really hits home for me and my family.  My sole purpose for entering the world of aviation was to ensure the reliability of aircraft and the safety of the people flying.  Whether it’s protecting the general public or our military personnel, who protect us, striving for continuous improvement is what this is always about for me.  I take pride in knowing that what I do at work has a direct impact and influence on the future of Aviation/Aerospace.  When my son is flying us around the coast, we can be assured that innovation and talented individuals are responsible for our safe flights.  As an A&P Mechanic, I am honored to be part of the solutions driving (flying) this industry into the future.  Proud Papa.”

-Ricky Lewis, Pratt & Whitney, Assembly & Test Mechanic at Development Operations

Congratulations to Ricky for his continued success in aviation.  You make us #PIAProud!

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