Generous Donation from American Airlines


Generous Donation from American Airlines

PIA Myrtle Beach is excited to have received a generous donation from American Airlines yesterday, September 4, 2018. A huge CF6 Turbine engine was unloaded into Myrtle Beach’s airframe and powerplant shop, ready to be utilized for training.

The training opportunities the engine provides includes: pneumatic systems, boroscope and compressor inspections, igniter testing, fuel nozzle removal and cleaning processes, and many more.  One process, involving the hydraulic filter and pump, was previously taught to students on training boards.  That training will now be shifted to the CF6.

The donation was facilitated by Kevin Dallaire of Piedmont Airlines, who set up the donation through American Airlines.  PIA faculty and students are incredibly grateful for this donation and the educational opportunities it will provide!

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