A World of Excitement, Right at Home

I moved halfway across the world to train at PIA.
Jaydon Padilla
Myrtle Beach Campus, SC

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)

United Airlines, Aircraft Technician

Jaydon Padilla began his mechanic career by repairing cars in Guam, just like his dad. But his interest in airplanes ultimately led him to train at PIA Myrtle Beach. “I moved halfway across the world to train at PIA, leaving behind everything I know and basically starting a new life,” says Padilla. Ironically, his PIA education helped Padilla land the perfect job — right back home, in Guam.

After initially assisting the U.S. Air Force and other aircraft at Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo, Guam, Padilla now works as an aircraft technician for United Airlines. “Guam doesn’t have any back-shops, so everyone here gets to learn everything from sheet metal to avionics,” says Padilla.

Adapting to living and learning half a world away was sometimes challenging for Padilla, but ultimately rewarding. He hopes his experience will inspire others who dream of working in aeronautics to find the courage to take that next step, no matter how large the leap.


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