Changing Careers After 20+ Years

Starting as an AMT at my age (47) might even be an advantage.
Troy Lindsay
Hagerstown Campus, MD

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)

PSA Airlines, Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Troy Lindsay spent most of his career as a mechanical engineer. But when his son Trent, a pilot, told him how interesting he found aviation maintenance, Lindsay’s excitement about the topic told him it was time for a change. After graduating from PIA Youngstown in 2021, Lindsay became an AMT with PSA Airlines — the same airline that his son first began flying for.

Lindsay’s PIA training quickly came in handy: “Within my first two months at PSA, I had to file and blend an elevator that was damaged by an adjacent panel. It was small, but critical, as it was a flight control surface. It reminded me how we had to file and blend a propeller in class. Some students wondered if that lesson would be useful in the real world, yet there it was: a crucial task that our PIA training had prepared me for.”

Lindsay says he is looking forward to his career change: “Starting as an AMT at my age (47) might even be an advantage. Overall, I’m feeling optimistic I will succeed in my transition.”

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