Finding My Path

[PIA] made more sense than a four year college.
Ryan Knupp
Pittsburgh Campus, PA

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)

LJ Aviation, Maintenance Technician

Like many teens, Ryan Knupp was unsure about his future after high school. He was good at math and considered a career in accounting, but seeing a school presentation about PIA sparked his interest in a hands-on career that he hadn’t even considered before.

“[PIA] made more sense than a four year college,” said Knupp. “It was cheaper, and job prospects appeared much higher. Now I have friends who went to PIA and work in different fields, and everyone enjoys what they do. Some do non-destructive testing, some work for Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory for the Navy, and some work at Gulfstream or with helicopters at Stat MedEvac.”

After graduation, he was hired by LJ Aviation. “We regularly fix discrepancies that pilots come up with after their trips and do scheduled inspections,” says Knupp. “It’s always different, and I am constantly learning something new.” The job’s variety doesn’t faze him, and he credits PIA with his assurance in his craft: “[PIA] gave me the confidence to go in and fix things on my own without having to be led.”


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