Where I Belong

Out of high school, I went to college and found out I wasn’t ready.
Brice Weyrich
Pittsburgh Campus, PA

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) & Aviation Electronics Technology (AET)

GE Aviation, Assembly & Test Technician

“Out of high school, I went to college and found out I wasn’t ready,” said childhood aviation lover and PIA graduate Brice Weyrich. He worked in retail before enlisting in the Marine Corps, which gave him the foundation for a career in a field he loves.

By studying both the Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Electronics programs at PIA, Weyrich was able to learn a full understanding of how an aircraft works. He is now certified to do mechanical and avionics-related repairs on all aspects of an aircraft, as he holds both his A&P and GROL certifications. He was hired at GE Aviation, where he builds engines for the Boeing 737 Max and the Airbus a320Neo.

“I’ve seen a lot of people go through a two-year school and make just as much money, if not more, than a four-year school,” says Weyrich. “I’m not shy to say I struggled in the four-year school environment, and here I am now, building jet engines for the aviation industry. For me, PIA is the best school to have gotten my education.”

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