MHIRJ Visits with PIA Campuses

Over the last several months, James Crites, Senior Recruiter for MHIRJ, visited PIA Hagerstown, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh to meet with prospective students.

MHIRJ is a merging of two aviation organizations, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the CRJ Series program from Bombardier.  The organization was seeking to hire for two locations, Bridgeport, WV, and Tucson, AZ. Both companies had independently developed relationships with PIA, and the merger has allowed for expanded opportunities for graduates looking into the manufacturing and maintenance of regional jets.  According to their website, “The CRJ Series has been the world’s most successful regional aircraft family for the last three decades.  This aircraft is known to be reliable and the backbone of the world’s air fleets, connecting people and communities.”

Thank you to MHIRJ for taking the time to meet with PIA students.  We look forward to having you again in the future!

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