PIA Alumni featured by INC.com

PIA Alumni Chris Hoffman, who graduated in 2011, was featured by Inc. in an article.  The piece, titled “Why Tradespeople Are Key to Innovation, According to a Former SpaceX Engineer”, discussed the importance of trade positions.  Hoffman, who is currently working at Stealth as a Senior Launch Engineer, initially pursued a career as a professional race car mechanic before attending PIA and earning his A&P.

Since then, he worked at SpaceX and played a role in building Merlin Vaccum engines for the Falcon 9.  As with many industries, including aviation, Hoffman echoed a sentiment that has been heard numerous times: “Hiring skilled technicians is one of the hardest things for us.  We all need to show that learning a skill/trade is valuable, [as] is learning things in a work/informal setting.  A college degree doesn’t mean that you will be better at doing something than the person that learned it on the job.”

To read the full article by Wanda Thibodeaux, click here.

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