PIA Campus Closure Update COVID-19 – March 16th, 2020

PIA Campus Closure Update COVID-19 – March 16th, 2020

Effective immediately, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics campuses in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Hagerstown will close to students for a two-week period, with classes tentatively scheduled to resume on Monday, March 30, 2020.  PIA’s campus in Myrtle Beach will also close, and is currently set to reopen on April 1, 2020.  Please continue to be alert for official correspondence from PIA administration. These dates may change as circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic evolve.

At this time, our administration and faculty are continuing to evaluate alternative modalities to complete current classes. Check your email regularly for updates from PIA administrators, or from your individual instructors, as these alternate solutions are put in place.

We ask that students who have course-related materials at PIA to communicate with your Campus Director or Dean of Academic Affairs to schedule a time to retrieve those belongings as soon as possible due to potential unforeseen local, state, and federal closure requirements. This is to assist with the previously mentioned possibility of alternate methods of education. Further information will be provided in a future correspondence, if necessary.

The purpose of our campus closures is to reduce the opportunity that COVID-19 (coronavirus) has to spread from person to person. As such, it is important that we all follow best practices for social distancing as determined by the CDC and the World Health Organization.  We will continue to monitor this situation and follow the direction of local, state, and federal health and education organizations in determining when campus classes will resume as normal.

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