PIA Packs-A-Plane for Toys For Tots

PIA Packs-A-Plane for Toys For Tots

PIA students, faculty, and staff donated toys to benefit the Toys for Tots organization.  The event, PIA Pack-A-Plane, challenged donors to fill PIA’s King Air with unopened toys to assist those in need this holiday season.  Members of the U.S. Marine Corps visited PIA Pittsburgh today to unpack the plane and collect the donations.

Jason Pfarr, PIA’s Dead of Academic Affairs, discussed the decision to participate in this charitable event. “PIA Pack-A-Plane is just a small way of giving thanks for what we have and being able to alleviate burdens from others that are struggling during this time in our community,” said Pfarr.  “Toys for Tots has long been recognized as an organization committed to bringing joy into the lives of people with the community, and we wanted to help contribute to that in any way we could.”

PIA Pittsburgh Student Services Coordinator Derek Vrabel, helped to organize the event for the school.  “As a whole, PIA students, faculty and staff were thrilled to be able to be involved.  The ability to easily get out and volunteer is another thing we’ve missed out on in 2020.  So many people just wanted to be able to help in any way they can.”

PIA plans to participate in the toy drive next year, continuing a tradition of assisting families in the Pittsburgh area.

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