PIA Staff Participate in PAART Pet Food Distribution

PIA Staff Participate in PAART Pet Food Distribution

Several PIA staff members and their families participated in the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team’s (PAART) Pet Food Distribution held on April 24, 2020.  The event, held in the parking lot of the Allegheny County Airport, provided over 1,000 bags of pet food to families impacted by COVID-19.

Jason Pfarr, Dean of Academic Affairs, and his son were able to volunteer their time for the event.  “It was great to be able to help a fellow airport tenant accomplish their mission of helping others in the community,” said Pfarr.

Derek Vrabel, Student Services Coordinator at PIA, was also able to participate in the event.  He said, “Helping out PAART at the event was a rewarding experience.  It was inspirational to see people of so many backgrounds and different walks of life come together under a common love of our furry friends.  Days like that are a reminder that we can get through anything if we’re all working towards a cause.  Thank you very much to everyone involved in the organization of this event!”

After the overwhelming success of the initial distribution, PAART has organized a second distribution to be held on Friday, May 8th, from 11AM until 2PM at the Allegheny County Airport.

Since 2009, PAART’s volunteers have rescued over 12,000 animals by way of land and air.  Thank you to PAART for allowing us to participate in this event, and we wish you continued success in your mission!


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