PIA Team Hagerstown WINS at AMC 2022

DALLAS – Team Hagerstown of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) took the podium at the Awards Ceremony of the 2022 Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Dallas on Thursday, April 28.

The team won Event #1 – Clearance Control Valve & Bleed Valve Solenoid, which was sponsored by Pratt & Whitney. The individual PIA HGR student who put up the fastest time was Joseph Corridoni.

“What an honor it is for PIA – Hagerstown to be represented by these students. It is their desire to learn and their dedication to the career they’re preparing for that led them to be AMC competitors. To place 1st against all 90 teams in the country shows the quality of students that go through PIA,” said Bernard “Butch” Adams, Campus Director for PIA – Hagerstown.

“Few times in my career have I had the opportunity to lead such an amazing team of talented and gifted individuals. What they take away from this amazing gathering of professionals from all over the U.S. is a pride in a profession they have chosen, and they have witnessed from their peers in the industry the importance of being an aircraft technician and how they will soon be part of the family that keeps the aircraft in our skies safe,” said PIA Associate Instructor and Hagerstown AMC Coach Amanda Spencer.

Team HGR was led by PIA Instructor and Coach Amanda Spencer. Team members include Raegan Buzzard, Draven Carbaugh, Joseph Corridoni, John Custer, Jeffrey McGraw, and Rebecca Waring. Alternates are Lauren Kimberly and Mikhail Kurmanov.

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