PIA Youngstown featured in The Vindicator

PIA Youngstown featured in The Vindicator

PIA Youngstown was featured in an article published by The Vindicator, highlighting the in-demand career that PIA prepares students for.  The article, written by Jordyn Grzelewski, offered insight from a current student, an alumnus, and Campus Director Joseph DeRamo.  Grzelewski states that “Students…are graduating from a school with a stellar reputation in the aviation industry and entering a workforce that is clamoring to hire people with their qualifications.”

The recent #1 Forbes Ranking of PIA is addressed in the article, with DeRamo mentioning the pride that PIA has for its recognition.

Rich Myers, a 1987 PIA graduate and current Base Manager at Endeavor Air, mentions the importance of mechanics and the demand for students with this type of training.  ‘“We have to train the mechanics to keep our airplanes flying safely. They can’t just walk in and work on an airplane,” Myers said. “It’s not the same as building a deck.”’

Read the full article here.

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