PAACC Awards Three Scholarships to PIA Students

The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce (PAACC) Enterprise Foundation awarded three PIA students a $5,000 scholarship last month.

Daniel Downes, Nathan Stoots, and Michael Woodruff were selected by the PAACC as winners due to a combination of their GPAs, class attendance, and the sentiments expressed in their essays.

“Through their words and their classroom efforts, these young men have a deep commitment to learning and demonstrate an inspiring passion for the future of aviation and aerospace, and we at PAACC are proud to provide them with financial support,” says PAACC President and CEO Chris Heck.

While each student found their love for aviation in a different way, all three students expressed excitement and passion for their impending careers to begin.

The PAACC facilities and optimizes business growth and strategies for professionals in 34 communities in the Western Pennsylvania region.  Students considered for the scholarship were residents of Allegheny, Beaver, or Washington Counties.

Congratulations to all three scholarship winners on their awards!

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