Pitot Static Tester Arrives at Myrtle Beach Campus


Pitot Static Tester Arrives at Myrtle Beach Campus

In April students from the Myrtle Beach campus traveled to the Aerospace Maintenance Competition to test their skills against their peers.  The students’ hard work both inside and outside the classroom to prepare for the competition paid off, as they heard “PIA Myrtle Beach” called out during the awards ceremony.  The group had earned the fastest time in the Barfield Pitot Static Event, the prize being the tester itself.

While a majority of the team has since graduated, current students and AMC teammates Sarah Combs and Erica Haas were on hand to open the Barfield Pitot Static Tester when it arrived on Thursday.  The tester, valued at over $11,000, will be an excellent addition to the training tools available to students at the campus.

Congratulations again to the 2018 Myrtle Beach AMC Team!  Your achievements at the competition will serve as an asset and inspiration to future A&P mechanics for many years.


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