The Aviation Foundation Awards Scholarship to PIA Student

The Aviation Foundation Awards Scholarship to PIA Student

Brian Saylor, a sixth-quarter student at PIA Pittsburgh, received a $2,500 scholarship from The Aviation Foundation.

The Aviation Foundation was founded in 1997 and has focused on assisting students who are pursuing training in flight, aviation maintenance, air traffic control, meteorology, and engineering.  The Board of Directors of The Aviation Foundation visited PIA to congratulate Saylor on his scholarship and present him with his award.  The Aviation Foundation has awarded four other PIA students with a scholarship in the past.

Consideration for the scholarship is through an application, essay, and interview.  In his essay, Saylor details the journey that brought him to aviation maintenance and his desire to ensure a safe flight for the passengers and crews aboard each plane.  “I never felt more right about something;” said Saylor, “finally something I enjoyed to do and felt like I had a purpose for doing it.”

Congratulations Brian!

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