Official Student Record Request

Official Transcript

An Official Transcript is a certified statement of your academic record at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA). Official transcripts will be printed on security sensitive paper, will contain the school seal, and will be signed by the Registrar. The transcript will list the original start date, graduation or withdrawal date, degree obtained (if appropriate), program of study, each term attended, final term grades, and course grades (when available). All transcript requests will include a copy of course descriptions. Any student/graduate that attended more than one program will receive documentation for both programs.

The fee for each official transcript set requested is $10.00.


A Degree / Diploma document indicates the curriculum requirements satisfied by the graduate. Included on these documents are the graduate’s name, program, program completion date or graduation date and degree. The document will be a duplicate of the original copy and will be indicated as such.

A duplicate copy of a diploma or the Associate In Specialized Technology Degree may be reproduced for a fee of $20.00 per document.

PIA requires a written request signed by the student/graduate to release any student’s records. In order to provide you with your transcript, diploma, or degree, complete our Request for Official Student Record Document Form to ensure all required information is provided.

Please mail your completed form & payment to:

Student Records Department
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
PO Box 10897
Pittsburgh, PA 15236-0897

The form may also be emailed to, or faxed to 412-466-0513.

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