Trumbull County Drone League

PIA Youngstown was contacted by the Trumbull County Educational Service Center (TC ESC) regarding their effort to begin a drone racing league in Trumbull County. PIA helped connect the airport community with the TC ESC, including Winner Aviation, a close industry partner of PIA. Together they were able to secure funds to help the teams purchase drone kits and necessary equipment.

PIA made a donation to support the county’s efforts. Beginning in February 2022, the league will make its debut with 6 local teams and the events will be held at PIA’s Youngstown Campus and Winner Aviation’s hangar.

In addition to financial support, PIA and Winner Aviation will provide judges and advisors for the competitions. PIA is also sponsoring drawstring bags and other giveaways.

For more information on the Trumbull Country Drone League, click here.

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