Two Students Win Forgac Aviation Scholarship

Two Students Win Forgac Aviation Scholarship

Mandy J. Forgac, Field Service Engineer at Collins Aerospace, presented two PIA students with the David J. Forgac Aviation Scholarship last week. Pittsburgh student Molly Rimko and Hagerstown student Miranda Wales were recipients of the award. The scholarship was inspired by David Forgac’s desire to get more women involved in the aviation industry.
To enter the scholarship, Wales and Rimko had to craft an essay addressing one of the two topics below.

-There has been an increased awareness of the value that women add to many male-dominated fields. How do you recommend we get more women involved in aviation?
-Aviation is currently a mostly male-dominated field. How did you find yourself in this program/field and what are the challenges you worried about or worry you will need to overcome? How will you or did you overcome them?

The scholarship was awarded in a virtual meeting with the recipients and Forgac, as well as Hagerstown Campus Director Butch Adams, Dean of Academics Jason Pfarr, Director of Financial Aid & Student Services Jon Vukmanic, and Marketing & Publications Manager Ed Molek. High School Representative Sally Krasevic hosted the event.

Congratulations to both students on their well-deserved awards.

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