United Airlines Recognizes Youngstown Student

Tiffany Yanulaitis, a 4th semester student at PIA Youngstown, was recognized for her skill and talent by members of the Cleveland United Airlines MRO Team.  Yanulaitis first met Garrett Morrison and Jack Waldeck of the Cleveland United Team during her preparation for the Aerospace Maintenence Competition with Team PIA Youngstown.  The Cleveland United Team mentored Team PIA Youngstown as they trained for the competition, and both groups cheered one another on as they competed.

The team was  impressed by Yanulaitis’ talent, and wanted to show their continued support for her as she nears graduation.  The team presented her with several Snap-on tools as she prepares to pursue a career in aviation.  In addition to earning a spot on the AMC Competition Team, Yanulaitis was also awarded the PIA Memorial Scholarship.  She is currently considering several job offers as she prepares for graduation.

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