Youngstown Career Event

Youngstown Career Event

PIA Youngstown held a Career Event on Wednesday, October 17th.  The campus hosted 11 companies, all of whom have hired PIA graduates in the past.  Thirty-seven students from 3rd and 4th semesters had the opportunity to meet with employers and discuss career prospects.

Students supplied faculty and staff with positive feedback from the event, meeting with the prospective employers, and the potential career opportunities after graduation.

Campus Director Joe DeRamo, after speaking with the many of the employers, said “[They] commented on the quality of our school, students, and the education they are receiving at PIA.”

Thank you to all employers who participated in Youngstown’s Career Event:

Constant Aviation

PSA Airlines

AMES (Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services)

Piedmont Airlines

GE Aviation

Commut Air

Express Jet

Preferred Airparts

Endeavor Air


HDI Landing Gear

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